About Us

 FARADAYS MICRO SYSTEMS specialises in the design and manufacture of premium grade access control hardware, also known as access hardware. The company develops electromagnetic locks, electric door strikes, electric drop bolts, universal brackets, exit switches, power supplies and panic bars.

Established in 1994, Faradays has grown to its to current status as a highly respected and trusted provider of access hardware. Faradays' expertise and integrity spans two decade, helping customers grow and maintain their competitive edge. 

Faradays has a wide distribution network throughout India with all products carrying the brand name of Faradays. As Faradays continues to grow, it consistently strives to lead the industry by providing high - quality, reliable products for the most advanced life safety and access control systems.

Faradays' Focus

Responsive Customer Service

Effective Technical Support

Fast Delivery

Product Variety

Installation Ease & Reliability